March 11, 2022

Varicocele Embolization

What is varicocele embolization?

Varicocele is a condition in which a group of veins in the scrotum are enlarged. This is caused mainly by the faulty functioning of the valves in the veins. The symptoms of this condition are pain, discomfort, infertility and swelling.

Varicocele embolization is a minimally invasive treatment procedure to treat this condition. In this method, the doctor uses a coil or special agent to block these affected veins which cause these veins to shrink. This provides relief from the symptoms.

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Why might I need varicocele embolization?

If you are an adult male and have been diagnosed with varicocele, this treatment might be the cure for it. Since it is a minimally invasive technique, it is a perfect option for those who are scared of major surgical procedures. For this procedure, no anaesthesia is required. Recovery after the embolization procedure is fast as compared to the other surgical treatment options for this condition.

How is varicocele embolization performed?

Varicocele embolization is performed by a vascular surgeon. In this procedure, a mild sedative is given to the patient. Then the doctor inserts a catheter through a small nick in a groin area into the affected area with the help of an x-ray. Medicine is then injected into the affected vein, which irritates the wall of the vein and closes it. With time this closed vein disappears and blood flow from this vein is redirected to adjacent veins.

What happens after varicocele embolization?

After the procedure, you will be carefully monitored by the doctor. It is a short procedure and you will mostly be discharged the same day. You can resume your normal routine from the very next day, but with some precautions. If you face any problem or discomfort do inform your doctor immediately. Postoperative risks after this procedure are very less.

Follow up is required after the procedure.

What are the benefits of varicocele embolization?

  • NO general anaesthesia is needed
  • Does not cause any scarring
  • Same-day discharge
  • Success rates are 90%
  • Faster recovery as compared to open surgery
  • Reduced risk of infection

These points make embolization a better option for the treatment of varicocele than surgical procedures.

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